Ben Aulich & Associates; Canberra's leading criminal lawyers.

They have no idea of the harsh and overbearing manner in which they execute their duty, or how they neglect their duty and abuse their powers.- Ned Kelly (on police powers)

Ben Aulich & Associates is committed to protecting the rights of clients in matters involving both police and non-police prosecutions.

Criminal law should attract the best lawyers in the country, no other branch of the law is so important.- Justice Michael Kirby (2001)

The objector and the rebel who raises his voice against what he believes to be the injustice of the present and the wrongs of the past is the one who hunches the world along. – Clarence Darrow

If my life teaches the public that men are made mad by bad treatment, and if the police are taught that they may not exasperate to madness men they persecute and ill-treat, my life will not be entirely thrown away. - Ned Kelly

I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice. – Abraham Lincoln

I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn’t make it worse. – Brendan Behan

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Principal Ben Aulich established himself as one of Canberra's leading criminal lawyers practising with one of Canberra's largest law firms. His success drove the launch of Ben Aulich & Associates, a boutique firm in Canberra, practising exclusively in criminal law.

For many years Ben has handled a diverse range of criminal matters ranging from serious charges such as murder and drug conspiracy, to drink driving and traffic matters.

Ben Aulich & Associates are recognised for their professional excellence and ability to provide straight down the line and honest advice to clients.