Criminal Law

The criminal law covers a wide range of subjects, some created by legislation, others by what is called “the common law”.

There is an almost unlimited number of offences which can be charged in the ACT, under the Crimes Act 1900 or the Criminal Code Act 2002 and other related legislation. There is also legislation to do with regulation by government of all sorts of things like health and safety, worker’s safety, traffic matters, immigration and customs, tax, child protection and animal welfare. The list is really unlimited.

At Ben Aulich & Associates we know how to handle these cases in a way that will give you the best result possible.

If you want to defend your charges we can represent you in the Magistrates or Local Courts at the hearing, or appear for you at a trial in the Supreme Courts or District Court in NSW. We will give you advice on the best way to run your case and tell you if you have any legal defences available to you as well as, making the most of any factual circumstances that work to your advantage.

If you decide you wish to plead guilty, we can talk to the prosecutors about what charges you eventually plead guilty to, if that is appropriate in your case, and we take instructions from you about what was happening in your life that lead to you committing the offences before the court. It is extremely rare that an offence is committed with no explanation and such an explanation, well put, perhaps with some evidence, can make all the difference to the punishment the court imposes on you. You can expect to do better on sentence with a lawyer from Ben Aulich & Associates acting for you, than without.

We can also conduct appeals for you if you are not happy with a result you got when someone else represented you. If we acted for you we will discuss this with you immediately after the verdict or sentence and get the appeal started straight away, if there are grounds to do so.


We have chosen the most common types of offences and give you a brief explanation of what is involved with each.

Please note that none of the information contained on this website constitutes legal advice and is merely for general information only. For specific advice on your case, please ring 6279 4222 and make an appointment to see a solicitor.

If you have been charged with an offence, or are suspected of committing an offence, exercise your right to silence and immediately contact Ben Aulich & Associates.

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