Disciplinary Matters

There are many tribunals who may preside over charges against members of the profession or occupation or student body.

The important thing to remember is that they generally do not operate in the same way courts do – for example there will be a bench probably of three, or more, members instead of one Magistrate or Judge, and the rules of evidence generally do not apply which makes it harder to keep to the rules of fairness, especially if the tribunal members are not trained lawyers. The last thing to remember but most important is that a ruling against you can have a devastating effect on your career, livelihood, reputation and future.

Examples of such tribunals or cases we assist with are professional disciplinary boards such as the Medical Board, Dental Board, Law Society proceedings in ACAT, ANU proceedings to expel or otherwise discipline students, the Australian Public Service (and ACT Public Service) and the Defence Force. We have consultants who we call upon who have expert knowledge of many of these organisations.

As soon as you are notified that there are proceedings against you, write to the legal officer in the department or organisation advising you have appointed solicitors to look after your interests. That way you will be relieved of having to have personal contact with them in future – lawyers etiquette requires that they must go through your solicitor once they know you have one.


We have chosen the most common types of offences and give you a brief explanation of what is involved with each.

Please note that none of the information contained on this website constitutes legal advice and is merely for general information only. For specific advice on your case, please ring 6279 4222 and make an appointment to see a solicitor.

If you have been charged with an offence, or are suspected of committing an offence, exercise your right to silence and immediately contact Ben Aulich & Associates.

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