This can be an extremely complicated area of law and one in which you need the best lawyers possible – and certainly those who understand the technical nature of the allegations.

We have access to the best forensic accountants and IT technicians who can, if necessary, recreate books and records and reconstruct computer records and programs. These cases tend to go on for a long time – sometimes trials last for months so you want your legal team to be able to go the distance with you. The defences depend entirely on the facts of each case.

Would you like to know more about the offences you have been charged with?

We have chosen the most common types of offences and give you a brief explanation of what is involved with each.

Please note that none of the following constitutes legal advice and is merely for general information only. For specific advice on your case, please ring 6279 4222 and make an appointment to see a solicitor.


If you have been charged with an offence, or are suspected of committing an offence, exercise your right to silence and immediately contact Ben Aulich & Associates.

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