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Pill testing approved in ACT, but not going to happen at Spilt Milk

The ACT Government announced in September they would allow free pill testing to take place at the Spilt Milk music festival in Canberra on November 25, making it the first festival in Australia to provide this harm reduction service. However, Spilt Milk organisers, Kicks Entertainment, told ABC Radio yesterday the trial would not go ahead as required documentation had not been provided.   Pill testing would be an anonymous and free… View Article

Defending the indefensible

Child Sex Offenders and the horrible offences they commit upon vulnerable members of society is about as unpopular a topic as you can think of.  It is unsurprising then that I was somewhat reluctant to write this short blog. Yesterday, The Federal Justice Minister, Hon Michael Keenan MP announced the “toughest crack down on paedophiles… View Article

Robber in Black Mask

Would You Want to Meet the Man Who Robbed You?

Being the victim of an offence can have many consequences both physical and psychological. It could easily be presumed for a victim to meet their offender would be a scary and negative experience. The ACT’s restorative justice program seeks to change this perception by facilitating meetings between victims and offenders for their mutual benefit. Restorative… View Article

25 terms you’ll hear in an Australian court

It’s daunting going to court, especially when lawyers and judges often use a lot of complex legal terms. Here’s a glossary of words you might hear at court.

How should you conduct yourself in court?

Going to court can be a daunting process. We’ll put your nerves at ease with this handy guide on how best to conduct yourself at court.



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