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Principal Ben Aulich established himself as one of Canberra’s leading criminal lawyers practising with one of Canberra’s largest law firms. His success drove the launch of Ben Aulich & Associates, a boutique firm in Canberra, practising exclusively in criminal law.

Ben Aulich & Associates is committed to protecting the rights of clients in matters involving both police and non-police prosecutions.

For many years Ben has handled a diverse range of criminal matters ranging from serious charges such as murder and drug conspiracy, to drink driving and traffic matters.

Ben Aulich & Associates are recognised for their professional excellence and ability to provide straight down the line and honest advice to clients.

Ben Aulich & Associates is the only legal practice in Canberra that is completely dedicated to criminal law. Ben Aulich & Associates protects the rights of clients and will fight hard all of the way.

Ben Aulich & Associates know it is important to ensure clients understand the process and are informed every step of the way.

Our People



Principal Ben Aulich has established himself as one of Canberra’s most reputable criminal lawyers and is an excellent choice for representation.

Ben was admitted to legal practice in June 2000. After working at a boutique criminal law practice for approximately 3 years, Ben decided to join a large commercial litigation firm and practise in the area of corporate law and commercial litigation. During this time, Ben also represented numerous criminal law clients and his criminal law practice built over the years. It led to Ben Aulich & Associates being established. Ben Aulich is the founding partner of Ben Aulich & Associates. Ben successfully protects the rights of his clients and has been doing so, for over 15 years.



Peter graduated from the Australian National University and since his admission has practised exclusively in criminal law.

Peter began his career on the frontlines of criminal defence work, working initially with the Aboriginal Legal Service in regional New South Wales. It was because of Peter’s success, hard work and dedication to protecting his clients, that he was head-hunted to work at Ben Aulich & Associates in 2009. Peter has dealt with very serious and important criminal matters whilst practising in New South Wales and the ACT.

Peter has an impeccable work ethic and as a result has established an impressive track record. Aside from the ACT and New South Wales, Peter has secured excellent results for clients charged with serious criminal matters in other jurisdictions within Australia, including Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Peter’s success in representing his clients led to him becoming a partner at Ben Aulich & Associates in 2013. Peter was a member of the ACT Law Society Criminal Law Committee from 2012 to 2015 and was a member of the Law Society Council from 2014 to 2016.



Adrian was a legal intern for the Association of Defence Counsel at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. He was part of the defence team of Dr Radovan Karadzic, alleged international war criminal and ex-President of the Bosnian Serb Republic. Adrian also worked as an Associate to Acting Justice Teague in the ACT Supreme Court before being recruited to Ben Aulich & Associates.

Since admission to legal practice Adrian has worked exclusively in criminal law. He provides clients with straight down the line legal advice. Adrian is passionate and committed to his clients,  ensuring their interests are properly protected.

Adrian is an Associate at Ben Aulich & Associates and handles some out our biggest and most serious matters. Adrian has also been a member of the ACT Law Society Criminal Law Committee since 2015.



Tom has practised predominantly in criminal law since his admission to legal practice. Prior to working at Ben Aulich & Associates Tom worked for NSW’s largest criminal defence firm and as such is well placed to handle any serious criminal matter, either in ACT or NSW. Tom has also practised in military law as a Legal Officer for the Australian Army.

Over the course of his career, Tom has managed all types of matters, whether by trial or sentence, from murder and large scale drug supply to driving and summary offences. Tom has regularly appeared or instructed counsel in all Courts including specialist jurisdictions like the Court of Criminal Appeal, Australian Crime Commission and NSW Crime Commission.

Tom has a proven record in successfully defending matters and recovering costs for his clients when available.



Prior to joining the Ben Aulich & Associates team Jane gained extensive experience in criminal law whilst working as a paralegal for the Aboriginal Legal Service.

Since her admission as a solicitor Jane has practiced exclusively in criminal law and has a sound knowledge of criminal law practice and procedure in the ACT and surrounding jurisdictions. Jane’s foundation in the community legal sector means she is compassionate towards her clients and dedicated to achieving the best results.

Jane holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University.



Kate joined Ben Aulich & Associates as a paralegal and is now a lawyer practising exclusively in criminal law.

Kate graduated from the University of Canberra with first class honours. She was also the university medallist as she had the highest academic results of all undergraduate students in her year.

Kate wrote her honours thesis on the practical effect of pre-recorded video evidence in domestic violence proceedings as she is passionate about defending the individual’s right to a fair trial.

Prior to commencing work in private practice, Kate was employed at the Fair Work Commission.

If you have been charged with an offence, or are suspected of committing an offence, exercise your right to silence and immediately contact Ben Aulich & Associates.

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